About the Founder

Charisse Sisou combines a lifelong dedication to the craft of writing, a keen strategic and creative mind, and deep real-world business experience and training to support you to create irresistible content and copy in your purpose-driven brand's authentic voice. Whether you are looking to get more clients--or more interviews for your ideal role, you are in the right place.

A master storyteller and intuitive empath, she has a knack for connecting with your ideal client or potential employer where decisions are made: at the heart. A "writer's copywriter," many of her clients are themselves excellent writers, which she considers the highest compliment.

We’ll dive deep to indelibly connect strategy, mission and desire… Because it’s all part of your authentic voice and brand.  

Credentials and Qualifications At-a-Glance: 

10+ years professional experience in:  

• Creating copy and content for entrepreneurs on the leading edge of their industries  

• Creating personal branding copy as the secret weapon for award-winning career coaches.  

BA cum laude in Gender Studies from Amherst College, with the first creative writing thesis in the department's history.  

MBA program at University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.  

15+ years in corporate, with 10+ of those years in Accounting for global manufacturer. Authored policies and protocols still in use.

• Began career in Marketing at a small high-tech company serving the academic, commercial and research industries with lab instrumentation to detect molecular weight.  

Ongoing marketing training through Boldheart Business (formerly Client Attraction Business School). 

• As entrepreneur, executive resume writer and corporate refugee, brings global network of high-powered contacts.

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Our Services

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Verbal Branding Strategy & Insight Session + Brand Mothersauce

Your messaging is still... off. You can tell, because: you’re getting clients you want... AND a whole bunch you don’t want. Or simply, not enough clients. What's a mothersauce, you say? Oh, this is so juicy! Read on, my friend. Read on.

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Done-For-You Copywriting: Projects, Campaigns, & Launches, oh my! 

Irresistible sales pages. Trust-building email campaigns. Compelling, authentic web copy. Working together by project, or by retainer - what fits your unique needs?

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Personal Branding: Career Documents, LinkedIn Profiles + More

Perhaps you don't have a business and are seeking to upgrade your career - or you're looking to align your personal brand with your business one? You're in the right place.  

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What Our Clients Say

"Charisse is hands down the best copy writer I know. She was the first and only one to 'get' my voice and translate it to copy without me having to do the heavy lifting. VERY self-sufficient. She delivers, and the relationship doesn't produce more work than you had before hiring her, like many others I had experienced." -Stacey Pruim, System Serenity

"Thank you SO much for helping out today - I can't thank you enough!! You're a lifesaver. We are overflowing with opt-ins for the call tonight, by the way. ;) What you are doing is WORKING. I'm sure you would expect that, but wanted to give you an idea of the mojo you're stirring up for us. From an update during the call: "10 signups in the first 15 minutes and climbing... coming in STRONG. And we're slammed with customer requests for more info. You are AMAZING. Thank you for being SUCH a rock star." -Cari Cole, Celebrity Vocal Coach, Cari Cole Voice + Music Company

"Holy shit, girl. You ARE an amazing writer!!!!!!! I finally got a chance to read through and it's wonderful - omg. How am I ever going to write anything for myself ever again? ;)" -Cortney Chaite, The Highly Sensitive Badass

"I knew you were an awesome copywriter when I read my sales page and wanted to become my own client!" -Jen Levitz, Marketing Architect, JenLevitz.com

Verbal Branding Strategy + Mothersauce

Branding Strategy & Insight Session + Messaging Mothersauce 

Get to the heart of: Who’s my ideal client? What is my unique value? What the heck is it that I really do? And how do I get it to the people who need it the most?

You’ve racked your brain. Tried a hundred elevator speeches and “borrowed” copy that feels like, nope, that’s still not it. (You can tell, because you’re getting leads you want AND a whole bunch you don’t want). 

You’ve workshopped, brainstormed and masterminded ad nauseum. And you’re still coming up… vague. Unclear. And frustrated. OR… You’ve GOT all the pieces (congratulations!), you KNOW what you do – but are now faced with: HOW do I put it all together and translate it into copy and content? 

Branding Strategy & Insight Session includes: 

  • Intensive review of your existing messaging. 
  • 2-hour deep-dive / lightning insight session: I tap decades of work in branding, marketing and business as well as my fine-tuned intuition and empathy with you AND your clients. 
  • Audio recording + transcript of our session so you can mine for content and inspiration. (Priceless!) 


Brand Messaging Mothersauce is a personalized document distilling what emerged from our session into tangible, applicable copy, giving you the next steps to bridge the gap between insight and action. 

It is a rich reduction of your messaging used to flavor and create all your other verbal branding, so that every word that emerges from your business is aligned and on brand. This is the branding document that you can then hand off to your marketing team to guide them as they produce copy for you. 

The Brand Messaging Mothersauce includes: 

  • Distillation of target clients, keywords, compelling nuggets, what sets you apart, highly marketable attributes, your drivers, and defining quotes. 
  • Material and content that become the guiding principles and springboard for your elevator speech, web copy, blog articles, social media posts, and more.
  • Guidelines on how and where to apply your mothersauce. 

Done-for-You Copy Menu

Irresistible Sales Page: We take the juicy goodness from our session together and distill it into the crystal-clear elements of a sales page, pulling your reader inexorably toward your call-to-action (“click here”). Seasoned with pull questions, social proof and client success stories, it is a fine dance between emotional connection and motivation.  

Trust Building Email Campaign: The rules of an email campaign are simple. Catch my attention so I open it (powerful subject line), connect with me (aww, I like her, I really like her!), gimme value (don’t just sell me), and entice me toward a call-to-action. Keep it simple. Keep it interesting. Woo me.  

Web Copy: Option A - Basic web copy package, including branding strategy and insight session, messaging mothersauce, and 5 done-for-you web pages. Option B - VIP Deluxe web copy package, including branding strategy and insight session, brand messaging mothersauce plus advice and editing on up to 3 additional pages of copy you provide (FAQ, Praise and Products, for example).

Blog Articles: Articles that capture your voice and incite the audience to action, researched and delivered weekly.

[Insert Project Here]: Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No problem. We have helped our clients with everything from scripts for online trainings, to opt-in lead generation offers, to LinkedIn pages, to signature talks. Bios, flyers, event pages. Resumes and career docs are another specialty and where Charisse got her start as a professional writer (although she’s been writing since knee-high to a grasshopper). So don’t hesitate to ask for a customized quote! 

One-off Projects: The easy-peasy way to access my services on an as-needed basis. Purchase “banks” of time for: booster strategy and insight sessions for overall brand, project or launch brainstorming, strategy and guidance • On-demand editing of existing copy and content • Select copywriting projects, for those onesie-twosie on-the-fly projects that come up: what your business needs most in the moment.  

Hire Me: Get the Role You Want with Powerful Career Documents

Deep Dive Intake: Every resume project begins with a thorough review of your existing resume, LinkedIn profile, etc., followed by an in-depth interview. Taking the work out of rewriting your docs, I require no questionnaires. I repeat: No questionnaires. [Cue angel song].  

Professional Resume: Written and designed by the secret weapon of award-winning career coaches, featuring your unique brilliance and personality, customized to your ideal employer and position. See samples here.

Branded LinkedIn Profile: SEO-optimized to bring viewers to your page, and compellingly written to keep them there. For examples, see this sales director's or this logistics professional's profiles.

Cover Letter: Ignite your prospective employer's attention, highlighting your accomplishments and speaking to your employer's needs, with a letter that you can customize to opportunity. See samples here.

Value Proposition Letter: A stand alone introduction letter - laser-targeting your ideal employer when submitting a resume is not yet appropriate. 

Resume Distribution to a curated list of qualified recruiters looking to meet candidates like you.  

Let's talk to put together the custom package that meets your career goals.